Looking for a unique place to stay in Tuscany?

Situated at the gate of the Chianti region of Italy, welcome to; 

Agriturismo Podere La Casellina


Gino e Rina Tassi 1936

What can be better, it will be said, either for buildings or for institutions, than not to be incumbered with ruins? I feel that, in America, I should love new cities and new laws: there, nature and liberty speak so immediately to the soul, as to leave no want of recollections; but, in this old world of ours, the past is needful to us.

Mme de Stael




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Podere La Casellina
Via Poggio alla Croce n. 60
50063 Figline Valdarno - Firenze
tel. 39-0559500070
e-mail: Poderelacasellina@tin.it